I See a New Africa Music Videos

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Lyrics by Peacey Kirabo Nambi and inspired by the poem I See a New Africa by Prof. Delanyo Adadevoh


I See A New Africa

The produce of the land is feeding her people.

Her cotton clothing her children.

(This is Africa, it is Africa.)

Her gold becomes her currency.

Diamonds her wealth.

The ground oil is fuel for good health.

(I love you my Africa,

I’ve got a dream for Africa.)


I see, I see it, a new Africa.

I see, I see it, Mama Africa.

I can feel, I can feel it, beautiful nations.

I can feel, I can feel it, rise up and shine.

God bless Africa.

The youth are no longer

Seeking for green pastures in foreign lands.

(But Africa).

In love for the land they joyfully labor,

Striking envy to the neighbors of Africa.

Seeking to give than receiving.

Beautiful beyond complimenting.

Orphanages are now institutions.

Leadership is our destination.


(It’s a new Africa, I see it.)

Where light is dispelling darkness.

Her people take their seat at the global round table.

Women are free to pursue their dreams with dignity.

Children’s eyes are filled with hope for a better tomorrow.

Justice is flowing like the River Nile (or rushing stream).

Leaders are servants of the people.

Free and united with a common Vision.

(I see you a new Africa,

I love you Mama Africa.)