Africans Rising Together (ART) 2063

As an unique organization, Africans Rising Together 2063 (ART 2063) is purposed to  lead people of African ancestry toward unification by engaging individuals in constructive collaboration towards oneness and common holistic development as a people. The African Forum on Religion and Government (AFReG) is one of the founding members of ART and contributed to a symposium held 5-7 September 2019 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Attended by approximately 40 Africans, African-Americans and others from the Diaspora, participants noted that God has used the unfortunate circumstances of slavery to disperse Africans worldwide and shape them to be salt and light that can touch and positively impact every aspect of human society.

ART 2063’s goal is to plant seeds that would encourage Africans worldwide to honor and respect one another; appreciating God’s purpose and plans for a time such as this. Participants were provided opportunities to share and exchange new ideas, strategies, programs, and research from around the world to promote collaboration. 

Kindly visit www.art2063 for more information.